Pet Urn Sitka Spruce

The Sitka Spruce is the largest species of Spruce trees, and is a coniferous evergreen, named for Sitka, Alaska.  It can reach 300 feet, and is a long-lived tree, with some presently 700 years of age!  It grows rapidly, but size is not always indicative of age, as it grows faster under ideal conditions. It is native to North America, found as far north as Kodiak Island in Alaska, and as far south as Fort Bragg in Northern California.  It grows in this range not more than 50 miles from the Pacific Ocean, but has been introduced in Norway, Great Britain, and Ireland, where it has been naturalized.

It is prized for its ability to grow quickly in poor soil, where few types of trees can thrive.  It is grown for its lumber and paper manufacturing, and prized for its use in making pianos, violins, harps, and guitars.  Its high strength-to-weight ratio, and the fact that it is knot-free make it an excellent conductor for sound.  It is also used for sailing-boat spars, in aircraft (especially before WWII), and even missiles!  The Wright Brothers’ Flyer was made from Sitka Spruce.

The new-growth tips are used in making Spruce beer, and in making syrup.

The evergreen beauty and importance of the Sitka Spruce would make it an excellent memorial for your loved one.