Pet Urn Jacaranda Tree

The Jacaranda Tree is an outstanding, fragrant, bluish-purple tree that is native to tropical and sub-tropical areas, including Central America and the Bahamas.  The name Jacaranda actually means fragrant.  It grows to be approximately 15-50 feet, and is widely used as an ornamental tree.

The Jacaranda Tree does possess some antimicrobial properties, and its pale grey/whitish wood has been used in bowl carving.  The Jacaranda Tree has been the subject of books, songs, festivals, and even a movie was based around it.  Pretoria in South Africa is nicknamed “The Jacaranda City”, due to their many Jacaranda trees.

Its profuse bright purple flowers and extravagant beauty are a delight to the senses and would well symbolize the treasured memories of your beloved pet.