Ponderosa Pine Tree Urn

Native to the Western United States and Canada, the Ponderosa Pine is unmistakable in its beauty;  its mature trees standing out of the crowd with their yellow, to orange-red plated bark with black crevices.  Named for its size, the Ponderosa can reach heights of 230 feet.  As it is the most widespread of the pine species, it is an important tree in national forests, but is also grown for its aesthetic beauty.

Ponderosa Pine is used for timber production, livestock grazing, and habitat for many wildlife species.  Deer and elk use the pine forests for food and shelter.

It has been said that more picnics take place under the Ponderosa Pine than any other tree.  On hot days, the bark of the Ponderosa Pine smells like vanilla, and the needles have a citrus-like smell.  American Indians used to eat the seeds and inner bark, dig out the logs for their canoes, and use the pitch for waterproofing and ointment.

The Ponderosa Pine is the state tree of Montana.

Gratifying to behold, this majestic tree would serve as a fine memorial to your loved one.