Japanese White Birch

The Japanese White Birch is a fast growing, moisture loving tree that has lots of glossy, green leaves, inconspicuous flowers, and creamy white bark.  It has been mostly used as an ornamental, but we think it’s interesting to note that its relative, the Birch Tree was considered one of the most important trees to Native Americans, partly due to its waterproof inner bark.

The Birch tree wood was was used in making housing, canoes, and buckets.  the birch tree is one of the plants higher in wintergreen oil, which was extracted from the  twigs and roots. The leaves were used to make soap and shampoo.  Birch resin contains zylitol, which is used in cleaning teeth, and is believed to have been used like gum.  The bark from Birch trees was and is used in making wine, and Birch beer, and prepared the “old fashioned” way, these were actually health tonics.  And these are just a few of the benefits the Birch tree offered!

The unusual, simple beauty and strength of the Japanese White Birch, and it’s many areas of usefulness, make it a wonderful choice in remembering your beloved one.