Deodar Cedar

The Deodar Cedar is an all-time favorite evergreen.  Growing to about 70′ in height, this stately tree has offered mankind many uses, and was a favorite of some Native American tribes.

Mostly known for its aromatic, attractive, and highly durable wood, some of the lesser known uses of Deodara Cedar Tree oil and wood are:  as an insect repellent, in ancient embalming methods, as incense, help for arthritis, and its antibacterial properties, just to name a few!  

For building, it is a good insulator, so it keeps your home cool in summer and warm in winter.  It is fire resistant and anti-termite. Strong enough for houses, yet the western red Cedar is also used to make guitars.

The Deodar Cedar is truly an important tree, full of many uses for those around it.  A symbol of cleansing and protection, it would well represent the importance your loved one played in your life.