Quaking Aspen Tree Urn

This widely popular tree reaches 20-25 meters (66-82 ft), and features beautiful glossy, almost heart-shaped leaves, which turn from green to a golden yellow in the fall.  It propagates via its root system, creating colonal colonies of Aspen, making it the most widely distributed tree in North America.  It thrives in altitudes 1500 or higher, and is generally found at 5,000-12,000 feet.  (They like the harsher winters, but are intolerant of permafrost.)

Quaking Aspens come back readily after a fire;  in fact, wildfires are linked to the Aspens’ wide distribution, since they are the first to sprout after a fire.  With the present success at wildfire suppression however, there have been some ‘die-offs’ of Aspen groves, causing conferences and investigation in Utah, where the Quaking Aspen is the state tree.

One particular colony of Aspens in South-Central Utah, known as “Pando”, or “The Trembling Giant” is among the oldest known living organism on earth!

The Quaking Aspen has quite a few alternate names:  Trembling Aspen, American Aspen, Quakies, Mountain or Golden Aspen, White Poplar, and Popple, and there are even more!  No matter what it has been called, it is unmistakable in its’ beauty, and given how it actually flourishes after a wildfire, propagating even more golden colonies, the phrase “beauty from ashes” well describes this tree.

The Quaking Aspen would be a beautiful long-standing memorial to your loved one.