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Please select the kind of tree seeds you would like in your urn.

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blue-spruce_180x180   deodar-cedar2_180x180coral-tree_180x180dogwood_180x180 eastern-red-bud_180x180 flowering-cherry_180x180 ginkgo biloba9_180x180 jacaranda3_180x180 japanese-maple_180x180 japanese-white-birch_180x180 mexican-fan-palm_180x180 oak-tree_180x180 ponderosa-pine_180x180 sugar-maple_180x180Palo_Verde_Tree_UrnQuaking_Aspen_Tree_UrnSitka_Spruce_Tree_UrnTulip_Poplar_Tree_Urn


If you would like to use something other than what we offer above, please consider our new Personal Choice Tree Urn:


For our pet urns, please visit:  pet tree urns.