Memorial Tree Urns

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Award Winning Innovation of the Year

Let the healing power of an urn transform the cremated remains of your loved one or beloved pet into a new life ~ a living memorial tree.

Our tree urns can be planted in a variety of places, from your home, to an outdoor favorite place, or even in some cemeteries.  While the location itself may serve as a memorial, the tree variety also may represent the finest qualities of your loved one.

Proprietary Blend Nourishes Your Living Memorial Tree

Cremation ashes alone are harmful to plants’ health and ability to thrive. However, by using our tree urns with your beloved’s ashes, you provide the perfect “climate” for your tree to thrive. Our proprietary blend neutralizes the ashes’ harmful qualities, and releases the beneficial plant nutrients in the ashes.

Our biodegradable urns are come with the seeds of the tree of your choosing inside.  To see a more detailed description of how it works, click the link.  There are 16 varieties of trees to choose from.

Our Guarantee

In the unusual event that your tree does not grow, we will replace it with a seedling as soon as seasonally available.

The Essence of Your Loved One Becomes the Heart of the Tree.

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